About Simon

Simon Feenstra was born in the idyllic Friesian village of Burgum in the north of The Netherlands. Even at 8 years old he was destined for authenticity as he astonished audiences at local playback shows by enthusiastically singing out loud (instead of lip syncing) with explosive vocals and pitch perfect accuracy. After graduating from the Dutch Music Conservatory with top honors, he began his career singing in Jazz clubs, Pop stages and Theatres.

As a grown artist, Simon Feenstra lives for music and is capable of revealing the vulnerability of his soul in all of his singing. His original music is best described as “soul with big band grandeur”. With roots in the 70’s (Marvin Gaye) combined with the relevance of today’s sound (Bruno Mars, Michael Bublé) Simon forged his own modern style that is at once familiar, yet completely fresh and new.

Simon’s voice is a true original with abilities that harken back to an old school feel of warm soul coupled with the contemporary jazz-pop nuance reminiscent of Stevie Wonder. In addition to expression of his voice, Simon believes the content and connection of his lyrics is essential to his compositions. He writes positive lyrics about life, love and friendship. Simon’s title song “Speak Out” from his debut CD has the distinct honor of being embraced by the LGBT community and is used as an anthem at international festivals, events and promotions.

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“A big voice with a lot of emotions.”
Ongekend talent
“Brilliant soul-, jazz-, pop singer records with 32 other musicians one-takes (live).”
De Mega Top 50
“To think about it is one thing, but then actually doing it is another! Feenstra came through and recorded on 13 February 2013 in the famous Wisseloord Studio’s in Hilversum his album ‘Speak Out!’. One take, with a 33- piece orchestra and The New Gospel Sensation and a live audience! That’s never shown before in The Netherlands.”